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Subjects > Science > Environment, Earth and the universe (secondary)

Explore environment, Earth and the universe

Classroom resources

3 mins Mission to Mars
Part of the series Learning From the News Use this resource to teach pupils about the effects of gravity


Teaching Astronomy and Space
Astronomers, cosmologists and planetary scientists explain what astronomy is, how they measure the distance between stars, and what the planets in our solar system are like in this series for KS3/4.
(5 programmes)

Secondary environment, Earth and the universe videos

3 mins How Science Works - Journey to Etna: Lava Flow and Gas Emissions
Aimed at GCSE science classes, this short video looks at volcanic emissions and lava flow.
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55 mins Moon: The Great Impact
A look at the Japanese space probe, Kaguya, which is orbiting and cataloguing the entire surface of the moon for the first time.
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15 mins KS3: Down on the Farm
Part of the series Getting Out of the Classroom
Follow a group of Year 8 pupils from St Bartholomew's School in the rural town of Newbury as they visit the organic Rushall Farm in Berkshire.
No Subtitles
15 mins Energy and Recycling
Part of the series Sustainability in California
This programme highlights two of the outstanding sustainability initiatives from California, which is pushing towards a greener future.
No Subtitles
55 mins A Surfer's Guide to Climate Change - On the Push
Anne is a surfer who undertakes a journey from England and across Europe to learn more about climate change and what surfers can do to help protect the marine environment.
No Subtitles
30 mins An Interview with Craig Venter
Science author and broadcaster Richard Corfield interviews Craig Venter, regarded as one of the leading scientists of the 21st Century for his work in genomic research. In 1998 Craig Venter succeeded in sequencing the human genome using the whole genome ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3/4 Geography - Climate Change Teaching Solutions
Two Sheffield-based schools participate in a focus group on climate change in order to debate their thoughts on teaching the controversial topic. Nicky Reckless and John Lyon from the Geographical Association host the session in an attempt to find the best ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3/4 Geography - Climate Change Time-Line
Explore a creative and dynamic approach to teaching students about climate change, as we follow a futuristic lesson based on the theme of Dr Who. John Lyon, programme director at the Geographical Association visits Silverdale School in Sheffield to teach ...
No Subtitles
15 mins Climate Change - The Impacts
An illustrated look at the potential impacts of climate change, focusing on examples from around the globe. Environments including African drought plains and the diverse Bangladeshi topography are analysed. We also explore the impact that climate change is ...
No Subtitles
15 mins Climate Change - The Causes
This richly illustrated programme uses animation and natural history footage to provide an introduction to the topic of climate change at Key Stage 3/4. Concepts covered include: naturally occurring greenhouse gases; natural variations in climate; ...
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