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Subjects > Modern foreign languages (secondary)

Find out how to get the most out of your class - whether they're pondering structure and communication, grammar and vocabulary, or the nuances of their chosen language.

All modern foreign languages

5 mins Understanding Levels - An MFL Example
Part of the series Boost Your Teaching Exploring levels of achievement with students to help them excel
5 mins Sharing Enthusiasm for ICT
Part of the series Getting Motivated with Gladeana Inspiring colleagues to use ICT in MFL teaching and learning


4 mins Raise Your Expectations
Part of the series Boost Your Teaching
How a KS3 teacher raises attainment in a lower ability class
15 mins The Queen of French Grammar
Part of the series Classroom Observation with Bayley
Techniques for teaching MFL at secondary level are examined


5 mins Learning Languages Through Sharing Resources
Part of the series Sharing Your Great Practice
How a school inspired learning in MFL through sharing resources
30 mins Germany
Part of the series Je suis un Rockstar
Alice wins a job as a fixer for the band at a German festival

All secondary modern foreign languages topics

Language skills and learning strategies

15 mins Secondary MFL - Modernising Urdu
Inspiring ideas to help improve the teaching of Urdu
50 mins Modern Foreign Languages
Part of the series Uncut Classrooms
An uncut lesson looking at ways of expanding MFL vocabulary


5 mins Secondary MFL Using ICT - Using web-based software to support speaking skills
Part of the series Hard To Teach
Using ICT to get boys to speak in secondary MFL
30 mins Secondary MFL Using ICT
Part of the series Hard To Teach
Ideas for using ICT to teach MFL at secondary level

More in...

30 mins France
Part of the series Je suis un Rockstar
French-speaking Ella becomes a fixer for The Wombats


MFL Matters
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Je suis un Rockstar
Three young hopefuls complete a work experience placement as fixers for indie band The Wombats, putting their French, German and Spanish skills to the test.
(4 programmes)