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Subjects > English > Reading (secondary)

Ensure reading captures the minds of your pupils with ideas and advice our reading videos and support materials.

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3 mins Learning From the News - Desmond Tutu
Part of the series Learning From the News
A KS3 English resource on Archbishop Desmond Tutu's retirement


Lessons from Chile
The recent PISA results showed that Chile had made remarkable progress in the teaching of reading. Discover how curriculum changes in Chilean schools have helped transform the approach to teaching reading and literacy skills at both primary and secondary.
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Secondary reading videos

15 mins Francesca Simon
In this programme, Michael Rosen interviews the author Malorie Blackman and the creator of Horrid Henry, Francesca Simon.
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5 mins Good Readers, Bad Readers
Part of the series Hot Research
New research at Cambridge seems to suggest that problems with reading may have more to do with problems recognising rhythmic sounds, rather than the words on the page.
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15 mins HLTAs - One-to-One Coaching
HTLAs Judith Walker and Ashley Hunter use one-to-one coaching when working with pupils at a primary and secondary level in English and maths.
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30 mins More Ways into Shakespeare's Othello
Emphasising story, soliloquy, structure and performance, English teacher Sabrina Broadbent teaches a second masterclass on Shakespeare's Othello.
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15 mins Pop Down Your Local
Part of the series Using Libraries
Gone are the days of dusty books and keeping quiet. This programme shows how schools can successfully link with their local public library, using a variety of resources and technologies.
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15 mins Sally Gardner
In this programme, Michael Rosen explores the world of historical fiction and asks the question: how accurate does it have to be?
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15 mins Helen Cooper
Michael Rosen examines the upsetting business of getting lost, with the absorbing picture book Pipkin of Pepper by Helen Cooper, which helps children handle this important matter.
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15 mins Nick Butterworth
This week Reading Aloud with Michael Rosen goes behind the scenes at the biggest children's book competition in the UK.
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15 mins Ruth Padel
This programme has a strong poetry theme running through it. Presenter Michael Rosen:
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15 mins KS3 English - APP Reading
Naomi Hursthouse has been piloting the QCA's new approach to assessment, APP, in KS3 English at Bishop Luffa School in Chichester.