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Classroom resources

3 mins William and Kate in Wales
Part of the series Learning From the News Kate and William's first official appearance in Anglesey


Travellers in Education
A look at the initiatives that have been introduced to tackle falling literacy levels and attendance in traveller children, including resources developed to make schools more inclusive environments and a move to celebrate the culture.
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Secondary writing videos

45 mins English
Part of the series Uncut Classrooms
A KS3 revision class in Backwell School, Bristol, use Everest as a metaphor to enhance and entrench their learning.
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3 English - Classroom Creativity
An English department embraces the new Key Stage 3 curriculum, using creativity to engage pupils and develop their writing, speaking and listening skills.
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15 mins KS3 English - APP Writing
The English department at Downlands Community School in Hassocks has been applying the new QCA Assessing Pupils' Progress for three years.
15 mins Improving Boys' Literacy in Wales - Barry Comprehensive School
Teachers demonstrate their successful strategies for improving literacy in teenage boys at Barry Comprehensive School in Wales. The school has been recognised for its achievements in improving literacy, and teachers Jenny Conway and Sian Morgan show how the ...
No Subtitles
15 mins Improving Boys' Literacy in Wales - Y Pant Comprehensive School
Staff at Y Pant Comprehensive School in Pontyclun, South Wales, share their strategies for improving boys' literacy. Assistant head Helen Jones, and class teachers Andrew Hurley and Gareth Howells, demonstrate in class the importance of choosing appropriate ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3/4 English - Laura's Writing Journey
Follow a piece of extended writing as it develops, taking in the various stages of teacher input, pupil planning, drafting, writing and, finally, peer review. Year 9 pupil Laura-Jay lets us into her head, her work and her homework as she writes a scary ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3/4 English: The Guide Book and The Travelogue
In this programme, two travel writers explain the processes involved in researching and writing for different purposes and audiences. Lonely Planet author Charlotte Hindle and travelogue writer Paul Gogerty both take a trip to Exmouth Market in London. ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3/4 English - Non Fiction -Travel Writing
In this programme, English teacher Ava Houris explores the genre of travel writing to help prepare her Year 10 students for the reading and writing requirements of their GCSE exam. As a non-fiction genre, travel writing can offer an excellent insight into ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS4 English - Departmental Poetry Strategies
Teaching poetry from different cultures and traditions can be a challenge. This programme explores the enthusiasm and ideas of the English department of Westwood College, a secondary modern in Kent which has recently emerged from Special Measures. Kelly ...
No Subtitles
15 mins KS4 English - Responding to Poetry
Poetry from different cultures and traditions can be met with resistance from some pupils. Teacher Kelly McGlinn demonstrates strategies to encourage participation. Kelly engages her students with Tom Leonard's Glaswegian poem Unrelated Incidents (aka The ...
No Subtitles