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From the personal and local to the distant reaches of time, discover new ideas, lesson plans and video resources for bringing the riches of the past into the classroom.

Historical enquiry

4 mins History - Theatre Boxes
Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas
A practical and fun lesson for KS2 history
5 mins APP for Primary Science - Mummification with Deborah Herridge
Part of the series Inspirational CPD Training
A CPD trainer demonstrates a practical exercise for science APP

Tudor times

5 mins Primary Music - Tudor Fanfare
Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas
A KS2 class create their own music compostition in one lesson

More in...

3 mins First Train in 75 Years
Part of the series Learning From the News
Use this KS2 resource to teach pupils about historical sources


Lesson Planning Pack - History
Bring the history of the Second World War to life with these lesson planning packs, full of resources you need to teach Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils
(4 programmes)