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Teaching assistant

Working one to one with dyslexic learners

Senior Lecturer in SEN and inclusion, Alison McLauchlin, gives her advice on working with dyslexic pupils

Working with dyslexic learners

TAs: Assessment for Learning

Inclusion leader and teacher, Michelle Bernard, gives some tips for TAs on implementing Assessment for Learning

TAs and Assessment for Learning

So you want to be a TA?

Here's our guide to everything you need to know

Becoming a TA

TA Profile: Jonathan Soar

Specialist maths TA, Jonathan Soar, gives us an insight into his role

Jonathan's profile

SEN: working with small groups

SENCO, Elaine Walker-Smith, shares her top tips for TAs working with small groups of SEN pupils.

Tips for working with SEN groups

TA NVQ assessment

The TA assessor and trainer explains her role and gives tips for being assessed in school.

Lesley Henthorn on NVQ assessment

Getting to grips with behaviour management

Quick tips you can use with a small group, or a whole class.

Some top behaviour management tips

TA profile: Carl Wilson

About to complete his level 2 TA qualification, Carl Wilson gives the lowdown on his placement and tells us his tips for others training as a TA.

TA Carl Wilson talks to the TA Hub about his level 2 course and placement

ASD: useful strategies

Teaching and welfare assistant, Theresa Donnelly, reveals some of the knowledge she has acquired during her seven years supporting pupils with autistic spectrum disorder.

Theresa Donnelly gives her tips for working with ASD pupils

TA award winner

The Teaching Awards' TA of the Year 2008 as sponsored by the TDA, Mandy Skillen, talks to the TA Hub.

An interview with an award winning teaching assistant