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A Perfect Ofsted

Part of the series School Improvement

  Screen capture from A Perfect Ofsted


A secondary school shares how it achieved the top grade in every category of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.

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Harris City Academy in Crystal Palace, south London, scored grade 1 in every single category of the Ofsted Inspection Framework, making it the first school to achieve a perfect Ofsted report.

Principal Steve Kenning runs through how the top grade was achieved. Ranging from the structures in place in school, to the exceptionally high expectations of all students and staff, he outlines the building blocks of his successful school.


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    • A Perfect Ofsted
      8 November 2010 - 12:57

      I'm left with a feeling that not everything is being reported here, the pupils were hardly featured, those in the background didn't look pleased to be there. Is education all about getting a perfect Ofsted? Will these pupils go on to become model citizens?
      None of the undoubted improvements are achievable without the support and agreement of the parents.