A Wheelchair Climb Up Ben Nevis

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  Screen capture from A Wheelchair Climb Up Ben Nevis


Use the story of a man who climbed Ben Nevis in a wheelchair to inspire creative writing ideas during Key Stage 3 English lessons.

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On 5 September 2010, Sean McCallion successfully climbed Ben Nevis in a wheelchair to raise money for charity. Ten years previously, he broke his back while snowboarding, having just climbed Ben Nevis for the first time.

This video, which shows how Sean climbed to the highest point in the UK in a specially designed wheelchair with the help of a team of family and friends, can be used in secondary creative writing lessons with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 pupils.

This classroom resource can be used as part of the accompanying lesson plan, created for Teachers TV, which includes activities and extension ideas based on this issue.


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A creative writing lesson plan for Key Stage 3 English pupils. Pupils are asked to imagine how it felt for Sean McCallion to climb Ben Nevis in a wheelchair.

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