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Academies in Detail

Part of the series Need to Know Updates

  Screen capture from Academies in Detail


Mike Baker visits one of 32 schools to be granted academy status and finds out how things have changed for them.

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Watford Grammar School For Boys is to be granted academy status, under the coalition government's new Academies Act.

The Academies Act means all schools can apply to become academies, with outstanding primary, secondary and special schools given priority. This video assesses in detail the major areas of consideration for a school planning on becoming an academy.

Mike Baker talks to the head teacher, Martin Post, about the process of becoming an academy school and the school's motivations behind the move, including financial implications, teachers pay, special education needs and the role of local authorities.

There is also an interview with the head of Woodberry Down primary school, who are opting to become an academy. Peter Downes, the Liberal Democrat councillor who spoke against academies at the Liberal Democrat Party conference, also offers his thoughts.


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