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Dancing Across the Curriculum

Part of the series Action! Teacher Video

  Screen capture from Dancing Across the Curriculum


At Broadway Junior School in Gateshead, teacher Chris Horn and his colleagues have been using dance to engage learners of all abilities across the curriculum.

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Chris documents this process in his video, Dancing Across the Curriculum. Watch Chris and his class in action as they combine words in extended sentences and express these as short dance sequences.

There's also a chance to see an example of geography combined with dance, with children asked to use dance to explore ideas about scale from mountain to sand.

Chris joins educational consultant Adrienne Jones plus teacher Andrea Noble and headteacher Margarita Acklam to discuss the benefits of this approach to pupils' learning.

In particular, the group discuss the approach in terms of creativity, self-esteem and achievement. They conclude by considering how teacher video supports CPD and can help non-specialists embrace this kind of innovation.


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    • Re : Dance is a fanatstic way to
      16 July 2009 - 17:17

      I can't find the lesson you mention.....antisocial behaviour reduction. I'm very interested in this and how you addressed the issues in a dance class. The dance video I found on your link showed highly structured and disciplined dance, an important aspect of this art form of course. I felt however that the work looked restricted, a little wooden, unimaginative and not very 'dancey'......I guess as a sports academy you categorise dance as a sport. I think you would have more fun considering it as a creative art.