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Primary Literacy

Part of the series Action! Teacher Video

  Screen capture from Primary Literacy


In this episode of Action! Teacher Video Sara Brigg, a teacher at Castlefields Infants School in West Yorkshire, presents her video, The Bear Hunt.

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Sara's video, part of a unique showcase of videos made by teachers about their work in schools, looks at motivating children by using the outdoors as an extension to the classroom.

Through video, Sara has recorded the children's interaction, co-operation, negotiation, speaking, listening and problem solving skills.

Presenter Xanthe Steen is joined in the studio by Sara, education consultant Adrienne Jones and fellow teacher, Darren Powell, to discuss the issues raised by the video. The panel talk about how these planned but open-ended outdoor activities help to develop children's skills.

The panel also reflect on how Action! Teacher Video can be used for assessment and CPD.


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    • Anne25 Anne25


      18 February 2007 - 08:19

      I have only just started to use video in my staff meetings. It is a very powerful tool for engaging teachers and TAs alike. It promotes lively professional discussion and means that my staff have an alternative focus ....i.e. do not have to listen to me all of the time! It starts the meeting time promptly ...yet gives staff time to have a cup of tea and take off the classsroom hat in a relaxed atmosphere.