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Special Schools: Science

Part of the series Action! Teacher Video

  Screen capture from Special Schools: Science


In this programme Lisa Rees from Ysgol Erw'r Delyn, a special school in Penarth, South Glamorgan, presents her video Teaching Science Through Stories to a panel to discuss.

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Lisa's video, part of a unique showcase of videos made by teachers about their work in schools, looks at making science more accessible in a special school for children with profound and multiple difficulties, and children with sensory impairment.

Presenter Xanthe Steen is joined in the studio by Lisa, education consultant Adrienne Jones and fellow teacher Jacky Wood, to discuss the contents of the video. They talk about the approach adopted by Lisa to develop the children's understanding of the world through stories and the senses.

The panel also considers the implications that the use of video would have on assessment, and reflect on how a teacher video could be used for CPD.

Action! Teacher Video provides teachers with the forum to make their own videos and have them broadcast on Teachers TV, to be discussed by a panel of experts.


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