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Part of the series Better Learning with ICT



Find out about the benefits of using animation in secondary classrooms, along with useful tips and resources, in this pedagogical ICT resource for those less confident with technology.

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The video looks at how animation can encourage in-depth analysis, the equipment needed to create an animation, and how to add sound to an animation.

Head of history Will Rennie has never used animation in his classroom so he visits Thomas Deacon Academy to observe a Year 7 cross-curricular art and literacy lesson run by Emily Blissitt. Emily explains the technology to Will and shows him how to use it to enhance teaching and learning.

Will watches as the class create a stop-frame animation based on the poem Prince Kano and discusses how he might use the same ICT equipment in his history lessons.

Back at his own school, Will delivers a lesson to his Year 9 students in which they create an animation about the rise of the Nazi party in Germany after the first world war.

This is an enhanced video, giving you access to extra video and resources directly from the video player.


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Extra materials (7)

A document listing the software and hardware used in the programme and alternative software and hardware that is available on the market

A presentation provided by Emily Blisset, a Head of Art, exploring the use of poetry and animation

Head of History Will Rennie?s lesson plan using animation with his Year 9 students to revise the topic of the Germans rise to power after the First World War

A blank storyboard used to create animations. This storyboard has the poem Prince Kano printed on it

Head of Art Emily Blissett provides a lesson plan detailing how she uses animation with her Year 7 students

Guide for students on animating the poem Prince Kano

Publications recommended in support of the video

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    • Nice camera for animating
      4 November 2010 - 12:02

      Hello anyone. I also teach animation to pupils (in Scotland) This is a great video. Just one little comment....around 5 minutes the class teacher mentions the camera (the silver shiny one) It does work fine with a PC as well as a mac, just a USB connection. Another handy thing to have is a better table top tripod. The cheapest version of the "Gorillapod" is great. The advantage over this one used is that you can bend the legs so its easier to bring the camera lower or higher. Thats all folks!

      Red Kite Animation