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Applying a Systematic Phonics Scheme

Part of the series Early Reading

  Screen capture from Applying a Systematic Phonics Scheme


Elmhurst Primary School, Newington, transforms the reading levels of its high EAL intake, through the adoption of a commerical phonics scheme.

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The video shows a phonics session at the start of Year 2 delivered to a less able group, which includes letter sound work, segmenting and blending. This is followed by reading together and independently.

The school's systematic approach to reading, based on the Read Write Inc scheme, includes assessment and setting of the children into five teacher-led classes.

Their results have improved dramatically and the strategy has enabled them to completely avoid the need for reading recovery so that all children make good progress with their literacy.

Teacher Marigold Russell, deputy headteacher Katherine Roberts, and headteacher Shahed Ahmed talk about the school's about the strategy.


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