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Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from Artefacts


These Key Stage 2 history lesson-planning ideas get pupils involved in the subject, helping this primary class raise questions and back up theories with hard evidence.

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Using historical artefacts in their history lessons, Cathy McIlroy and Tom Boudell at St Gregory's School, Sandwell, get their KS2 pupils to examine the contents of a lost suitcase to discover what the enclosed photo albums, invitations and old school uniform can tell them about the owner and their lifestyle.

Then as an introduction to archaeology, they show their pupils a 'dig box'. The further the children dig into the box the older the objects they find.

Finally the pupils create a classroom museum after studying artefacts from the Staffordshire Hoard. Pupils take the opportunity to re-create the artefacts and display them as a working classroom museum, complete with security guard and receptionist.


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