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Asperger's - Oops, Wrong Planet!

  Screen capture from Asperger's - Oops, Wrong Planet!


This documentary explores how the Asperger world, once a solitary, cut-off place, has entered the mainstream of modern life, thanks to the increasing importance of digital technology.

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It also shows how this has posed challenges for the majority, who often find people with Asperger syndrome hard to work with.

It offers a glimpse into the lives of people with Asperger syndrome and those that work with them, and also explores the idea that some of the great minds of the past such as Isaac Newton, Andy Warhol and Hans Christian Andersen, had Asperger syndrome.

Finally, it looks at Dr. James Watson's attempt to eradicate the autism gene from our future gene pool, and asks whether his success would eradicate the genes of a valuable part of our population.


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    • Get Real
      5 October 2010 - 10:47

      It seems that any quirky intelligent person can be pigeon holed by an informal layman's diagnosis. Asperger's is a very real condition that deserves to be elevated above faddy pop science. Nerd=Aspie is not helpful. Nobody can say with any certainty whether the deceased public figures at the beginning of the reel were on the spectrum, my suspicion is not. As for those still living Bill Gates and Woody Allen show no impairment in social interaction or language and communication. There is clearly flexibilty of thought in the various creative ventures they have been involved in.