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Assessment for Learning - Secondary Maths and English - APP in Action

  Screen capture from Assessment for Learning - Secondary Maths and English - APP in Action


Teachers at the Thomas Keble School in Gloucestershire demonstrate how they're using APP in maths and English at key stage 3.

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Head of Year 7 maths, Kate Apperley, uses the APP guidelines to plan a lesson where she can assess her students' understanding of area and perimeter.

Later in a Year 8 English class, head of English Katherine Burridge, guides the students in identifying the level they are working at, and what they need to do to progress beyond it.

Finally we see how the teachers use nationally available APP materials in addition to a locally created spreadsheet, to record the levels at which each pupil in the class is working.


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    • APP can support EAL children with their learning too
      5 August 2010 - 07:56

      Teachers of EAL pupils need to be aware of students' language development, as well as their learning needs in any particular subject. For any student who is operating at Level 1 or above, the APP Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening guidelines can really help to identify their strengths and areas for development in language development. For pupils who are working towards L1, you may want to look at 'A language in common: assessing English as an additional language' (Ref: QCA/00584, 2000) - it provides extended scales, which show progress towards level 1 in English and supplement the APP guidance for level 1. This is a useful resource for teachers who are assessing older children who have recently arrived in the country and are beginners in learning English. For further information, you may also find it useful to refer to 'Aiming High: Guidance on the assessment of pupils learning English as an additional language' (DfES 1469-2005DOC-EN)

    • APP in action
      7 November 2009 - 11:00

      I don't know if the focus on targets is really a problem and can't go hand in hand with deep learning. We do have, of course, a statutory obligation to recording and tracking the student's progress but I think that deep learning is fundamental to APP and can work with this this.

      We like thinking of BAD tasks!

      Building tasks - teaching them the core skills
      Applying - practice the core skills, maybe with a textbook or worksheet
      Demonstrating - really checking their deep understand (we also call these Mastery tasks but I didn't think BAM sounded as good)!