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Career Rejuvenation

Part of the series CareerWise

  Screen capture from Career Rejuvenation


This programme is all about career rejuvenation and looks at why so many teachers consider throwing in the towel after four or five years.

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Peter Curran hosts a discussion with Professor Andy Goodwyn from Reading University, the Teacher Support Network's Patrick Nash, and education careers coach Susan Moss, about how to avoid burnout and keep your energy and enthusiasm for the job.

Teaching is a flexible career with skills well suited to a stint overseas, so one solution to feeling jaded is to go abroad. CareerWise takes a trip to Brussels to find out how teaching in a European school has re-ignited one teacher's passion for the job.

Finally, Fiona Flynn, from the Times Educational Supplement, visits a Harrow school which has made visits to schools across the globe integral to the continuing professional development for its staff.


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