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Collaborative Purchasing

Part of the series Save Money

  Screen capture from Collaborative Purchasing


A school bursar shows how collaborative purchasing makes her budget stretch further, and goes through the platforms and organisations she uses to do this.

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Business manager Sue Simkiss from Queen Mary's School, Walsall, visits Sue Heath, bursar at Haydonleigh Primary School in Swindon to see just how she uses collaborative purchasing opportunities.

Sue works with the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation, one of a number of local authority owned purchasing organisations that provide savings for schools on a range of products.

She also uses an online collaborative purchasing site, which allows schools to post requests that suppliers can then pitch for, and 'storm' purchasing event, where schools club together to purchase a high volume of a single item, to save money.

Finally, Sue Simkiss goes thorough a shopping list to see how these techniques can help her save money for her own school.


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    • In response to Melvyn
      29 June 2010 - 14:32

      When the distribution channels are in place, for an example with a supplier such as the PSBO, there is no further cost for sub distribution as delivery is direct to the school/customer. Also, the supply chain costs are already factored into the reduced prices gained through this collaborative leverage so extra costs have already been accounted for.