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Coping with Bereavement

Part of the series School Matters

  Screen capture from Coping with Bereavement


For any schools dealing with bereavement, this whole-school resource offers valuable lessons and practical advice for primary and secondary headteachers and teaching staff, supporting the Every Child Matters agenda.

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Six children at Heron Primary School were bereaved when their parents died during the school holidays. Headteacher John Coles faced a significant challenge in helping his pupils cope with the loss. With the help of Julie Stokes of bereavement charity, Winston's Wish, John and his staff have provided valuable support to the pupils through and beyond the tragedy.

At Cleeve School, two teenagers died suddenly in consecutive terms. Deputy head Leanne Symonds shares her experience of the practical response to the deaths, which affected the whole school community.

Cleeve School has also helped a pupil bereaved in primary school, setting up a buddy system which put her in touch with an older pupil who had also been bereaved.


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