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Coping with Excessive Workload

Part of the series Wellbeing at Work

  Coping with Excessive Workload


This dramatised true story of a newly qualified teacher (NQT) who's overwhelmed by her work shows how to find the right balance between work and home, in this personal wellbeing video.

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An NQT arrives at her first school keen to impress and eager to take on extra responsibility whenever she can. As a result, on most nights she finds herself staying at school well into the evening, which affects her mood in class and her relationship at home.

Her story highlights the importance of having the right mentor there to provide support. Our expert panel's advice for primary and secondary teachers includes finding time to reflect on what you've achieved each day, and recognising that success is not measured by the number of hours you spend on school premises or the amount of work you take home.

This enhanced video gives access to extra video and resources directly from the video player.


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    • Re : work-life balance
      18 March 2010 - 21:29

      Completely agree with the - you've got to be kidding comment! As a primary school teacher with 20 years experience I am currently working in a school recently deemed to require 'Notice to Improve' by Ofsted!!! Struggling to achieve work life balance - quality time with my family no longer exists as I'm always thinking about work even when not doing it!
      But taking time out for yourself and you friends/family is essential. You cannot do a quality job with the children if all you have done since you last taught them is work. I do try to have at least one evening off a week (two if possible - one being a Sunday), and make myself get out in the fresh air for an hour or two with my family at the weekends - it makes such a difference.
      At the end of the day - our job as teachers is incredibly important and incredibly rewarding - but it is our JOB not our LIFE!!