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Developments in 14-19 - Institute of Education

Part of the series The Teachers TV ITE Lectures

  Screen capture from Developments in 14-19 - Institute of Education


The options open to students post-14 and the overall concepts of 14-19 diplomas are the topics of Dr Lynne Rogers' lecture to trainee teachers, as she discusses development in 14-19 education.

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Lynne looks at how clear the policy is, whether the infrastructure and finance is in place and what the achievements could be for students who choose to study 14-19 diplomas.

Lynne is a senior lecturer in the department of continuing and professional education at the Institute of Education. She's responsible for initial teacher education within the faculty of policy and society post compulsory PGCE and diploma in education.

She's also chair of the psychology of education section of the British Psychological Society and director of the London Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training.


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This Issues Paper explores the purpose of the new 14-19 Diplomas and how they will imrove learning and performance in 14-19 education and training in England

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