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Disability Equality Duty

Part of the series CareerWise

  Screen capture from Disability Equality Duty


Peter Curran explores the Disability Equality Duty, providing an insight into the provisions made for teachers with disabilities.

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He starts with a focus on dyslexic primary headteacher Andy Richbell - what can he gain from a visit from Essex Disability Partnership Co-ordinators?

There is also a focus on Henry Holmes, a partially sighted teaching assistant. Follow Henry as he takes his students on an exciting outward-bound course and find out how he overcame obstacles to become an HLTA.

Curran talks to the director of Disability Equality in Education, Richard Rieser, and Catherine Casserley, senior legislation adviser for the Disability Rights Commission, to find out more about new legislation. How can schools meet the requirements of the Disability Equality Duty?


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