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Duty of Care

Part of the series What If...?

  Screen capture from Duty of Care


This week, how do teachers deal with the problems posed by pupils having sex? How does the division of responsibility between the school and parents work in practice?

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The late Ted Wragg conducts an imaginary case study with the help of eight panellists. His story involves 15-year-old Juliet and her boyfriend Romeo. The dilemmas arise out of Romeo and Juliet's sexual activity leading to STDs, pregnancy and an abortion. What happens when they are due to go on a school trip? How much are the parents told?

Key points:

  • Lively debate where not even the experienced professionals can agree on 'right' course of action
  • Is it fair to prevent just the male partner from going on school trip to avoid difficult circumstances?
  • Do you break a child's confidence by telling parents, if they have threatened suicide?

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