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Employment for NQTs

Part of the series CareerWise

  Screen capture from Employment for NQTs


This week, practical advice aimed at NQTs on how to get your foot onto the first rung of the career ladder. There's also useful information for any teacher about to fill in a job application form.

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Teaching careers guru Dr Jan McKenley coaches Michelle, a disgruntled NQT who is running out of time to get her first permanent teaching job. By the end of the session, Michelle's confidence in her decision to train as a teacher has been restored and she has a strategy to make her aspirations into reality.

There's also good advice from those in the know on how to ensure that your job application stands out from the pile. Words of wisdom come from Colin Bell, an LEA recruitment manager, Roehampton University's careers adviser David Shacklady and teacher training consultant Barry Hancock.


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