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Equalities Legislation

Part of the series Need to Know

This video was filmed before the May 2010 general election, and may not reflect the policies of the current government.
  Screen capture from Equalities Legislation


Education broadcaster Mike Baker discusses the latest legislation on equality with presenter Sheena McDonald, asking how equality will be promoted in schools and what difference it will make to students and teachers.

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We hear from Sarah Spencer, chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum, who says that new equality requirements can be fed into the classroom through the curriculum, and argues that it is unlikely that any schools will be taken to court.

We also speak to the NUT's head of education, John Bangs, who believes that court cases will probably be fought over the lack of access in some school for people with disabilities.

Finally we talk to David Winters, the headteacher of Lonesome Primary School in Merton, to see what his school is doing to tackle racism in the classroom.


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