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Every Child a... Reader, Writer and Counter

Part of the series Need to Know

This video was filmed before the May 2010 general election, and may not reflect the policies of the current government.
  Screen capture from Every Child a... Reader, Writer and Counter


Mike Baker explores the initiatives of Every Child a Reader, Every Child a Writer and Every Child Counts by talking to teachers, parents and practitioners about how the schemes work.

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Mike looks at the success of the Every Child a Reader scheme, which on average, helped children who were struggling to read to improve their reading age by nearly two years in just four or five months.

With the government rolling out similar schemes for counting and writing, the target is now for 90 per cent of 11-year-olds to achieve their expected level or higher in English and maths over the next three years. Mike speaks to teachers to see how ECC and ECW will work in primary schools.

Note that the contents of this programme may no longer reflect current Government policy


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