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First Year and Beyond

  Screen capture from First Year and Beyond


This programme follows three newly qualified teachers through their first year of teaching, from their classroom debuts to their feelings towards their second year.

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The teachers discuss their most difficult times encountered over the previous year, but all are quick to highlight their enjoyment gained and their enthusiasm for their forthcoming year. The teachers are:

  • Former cabin crew hostess Claire Hewitt, who we see focusing on developing her GCSE teaching abilities with the help of her mentor and colleagues
  • Stuart Tatterton, who discovers how to balance a busy home life with intense marking and planning pressures at school, gaining confidence and learning a more relaxed form of teaching along the way
  • Kenneth Carmichael, who enjoys developing his relationship with pupils through his role as a form tutor and prepares for a new responsibility: piloting a unique pupil online questionnaire involving the school?s teachers

First Year and Beyond will be of value to all PGCE students, NQTs and senior management.


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