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GCSE Maths - Algebra Carousel

Part of the series Great Secondary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from GCSE Maths - Algebra Carousel


A KS4 maths algebra revision lesson that enables students to share their different methods in solving mathematical problems.

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Carousel was created by Keith Walker at Hailsham Community College, to enable his students to review their understanding of a recent topic of work.

Keith focuses on various aspects of algebra, using matching cards containing different formulae, word statements and diagrams.

The class is set up with five tables, on each sits a different challenge. The students work in groups of four or six, trying to solve the problem before moving on to the next table. As they work they share ideas with the others on their table, as well as leaving hints for the groups that are to following them.

All resources required to run this lesson are supplied including a lesson plan, power point, flip chart file and copies of the matching cards.


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