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Government Criticised over Alcohol Price Increase

Part of the series Learning From the News

This video contains images of people drinking alcohol and alcohol abuse
  Screen capture from Government Criticised over Alcohol Price Increase


As health campaigners say the government's proposed ban on the sale of alcohol at below cost-price won't be enough to stop binge drinking, use this classroom resource to discuss the issues in KS3 citizenship and PSHE lessons.

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The Government has been criticised by health campaigners over plans for a minimum price on alcohol in England and Wales.

Doctors have said that 38p for a can of lager and just over £2 for a bottle of wine won't be enough to deter damaging binge drinking and alcohol-related crime and disorder, costing the taxpayer.

This secondary classroom resource is designed for Year 9 to 11 PSHE and citizenship lessons It can be used as part of the accompanying lesson plan, created for Teachers TV, which includes activities and extension tasks based on this topic.

The lesson plan attached is designed to teach pupils about the damaging effect that binge drinking can have and drinking in moderation.


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