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Group Activities in PE

Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas

  Screen capture from Group Activities in PE


Discover three suggestions for Key Stage 1/2 physical education (PE), which can be integrated into lesson planning. These fun and lively activities include football skills, warm-ups and a 'dance and stomp' lesson.

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These ideas are designed to engage children of all abilities, giving them a project to share with the whole school. The first lesson idea uses drill exercises to warm-up for football and other team games.

The second lesson - Squares - shows how children can work on their ball skills in small spaces. This allows each pupil to develop at their own speed.

Finally, a popular 'dance and stomp' lesson idea is demonstrated. Children work individually and then in groups, before showing their peers what they've done. This dance lesson is designed to appeal particularly to boys.


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Extra materials (4)

Notes on organising these activities as demonstrated in the programme, prepared by Lee Edmunds of Westlea Primary School, Swindon and Carol Morris of Headley Park Primary School

Learning Outcomes as flash cards by Sally Bright & Holly Hayward of Newtown Primary School, Shropshire

Lesson Plan by Sally Bright & Holly Hayward of Newtown Primary School, Shropshire

Lesson plan by Carol Morris, Headley Park Primary School

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