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Healthy eating games, road safety, SRE teaching pack

Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)

  Screen capture from Healthy eating games, road safety, SRE teaching pack


In this edition of Resource Review we look in detail at three resources to help with promoting healthy living at primary school level.

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Year 3 teacher and PSHE co-ordinator Dee Buchanan recommends The Big Food Challenge, a box of games and activities to motivate healthy eating in children; Early Years co-ordinator Dawn McAllister demonstrates Street Feet, a realistic road layout; and PSHE Co-ordinator Sally Parr advocates a CD Rom for teaching sexual health, called Teaching SRE with Confidence.

Finally teachers from schools around the country comment on these resources and give us their ideas on some of their favourite resources as well as ones you can create yourself.

Resource Review gives you valuable information about branded teaching resources, as well as ideas and thoughts about resources from other sources.


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