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Holland - Sex Education 2

Part of the series How Do They Do It In...?

  Screen capture from Holland - Sex Education 2


Find out about Long Live Love - Holland's most widely-taught sex education programme for 12-to-15-year-olds.

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Subsidised by the Dutch Government, Long Live Love was developed in the early 90s in response to the threat of HIV and Aids. The package includes a video featuring teenagers with very different views on sex, as well as a magazine and a teachers' pack.

Sex education teacher Claire Barr travels to the Winkler Prins school in the north of Holland to meet a group of students and their teacher, Inge Lammers, as they prepare to embark on their first lesson.

The students start in the school library where, from a staggering selection of more than 30 books on sex education, they learn how to find reliable sources of information.

At the whiteboard, students are invited to write up slang words for vagina, penis and sex, before selecting the most appropriate.


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    • BLABLABLA mensen lullen :D _ it is not a confusing !!! _
      26 March 2007 - 11:39

      What do you think ?! I playing in that video , but I'm not homosexual !! I don't care what you think :) ! This is a video for young people , This is a example , so it is not meaning that we are homosexual ! I like this video , because it is educatief ;-) !

      And I thank C2b ( Our klass ) and my teacher Mrs. Lammers..
      Kisses and Hugs Cansu :) !