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How to be Inspirational

Part of the series Boost Your Teaching

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Is there a secret to being an inspirational teacher? Lecturer Trevor Wright offers his tips on balancing the different demands on teachers, helping them to develop inspirational pedagogy.

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Through experience of teaching, Trevor, a senior education lecturer at the University of Worcester, has developed an approach called Dynamic Tension, which he believes can help everyone become an inspirational teacher.

He believes there are paradoxes in teaching - the expert versus the interactive teacher, the creative versus the structured teacher, the sustained versus eventful lesson - which create tensions in teachers' practice.

By considering how to balance these tensions within teaching practice, Trevor believes it is possible to become an inspirational teacher.


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    • comenting video
      12 October 2010 - 15:22

      I want to gratitude to teachers TV.

      As a poor, the real poor and still lack of experience English teacher, I appreciate you receiving me to become your audience, even in a distance. This video will help me very much. Because of your program and everything I can lead, teach, manage, conduct my self well before leading, teaching,managing, and conducting my audience-students- at front of the class room. It also will help me developing my profession. I want to be an excellent teacher in order to inspire all my students and audience. I want to be an experienced teacher. ... I need your help more.

      Thank you.