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How to Make the Most of Teachers TV - CPD Leaders

  Screen capture from How to Make the Most of Teachers TV - CPD Leaders


A look at how CPD leaders, teachers, school leaders and LEAs are using Teachers TV to support the professional development of others.

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Hull City Council governor support officer, Eunice Evans, uses the Just for Governors programmes to save time and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in education.

At Ilkley Grammar School, CPD co-ordinator Karen Jones uses Teachers TV to help prepare training with assistant headteacher Andy Calvert. Andy uses Teachers TV clips in a behaviour management session to depersonalise issues and promote good teaching practice.

Finally, at Dallas Road Community Primary School in Lancaster, headteacher Helen Belbin finds the channel an effective resource for sharing information with other schools, saving money on training courses and developing teaching and learning in the classroom.

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