Interlinked Learning at Frogwell Primary School

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See how interlinked learning can be brought to life, from travelling in space to diving into the deep sea, at Frogwell Primary School in Wiltshire.

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Frogwell uses an interlinked learning approach to bring together different curriculum areas under a general theme. For the children, this means that every term their classrooms are transformed into stimulating environments reflecting that term's theme.

In Carol Snowden's Year 1 class the theme is under the sea, and we see children write their own fishy poetry. Year 3's classroom, meanwhile, is transformed into Nasa Mission Control, complete with space shuttle, rocket and space suits.

In linking all their learning to the theme of Earth and Beyond, Year 3 teacher Mandy Turner covers the measuring and applying element of the National Strategy for Mathematics by getting the children to make their own space suits.

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