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Simon Mares, chair of governors at Little Ilford School in Newham, discovers the implications for a governing body of the Building Schools for the Future programme.

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Mares is involved in the early stages of a complete rebuild of Little Ilford School under the BSF programme. He visits Whitefield Fishponds School in Bristol - a school where the project is now far advanced - in order to learn some valuable lessons.

He is particularly interested in the ICT provision and the sustainability features, both of which are expected to be central to every BSF project.


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    • BSF
      15 February 2010 - 09:59

      I was the chair of governors of a bsf school and involved with the concept from beginning to near the end of the project it was great to be apart of the whole process going to meetings learning so much. The schools new look has definitely made a difference to pupil engagement to learning, pulling in those difficult pupils who would normally be disengaged. The ethos of the whole school has changed exam results going up constantly. It just shows with proper investment in schools does work but investment needs to be sustained not just in buildings but in resources and teaching staff. Then there would be no need to do what our local council is doing turning most of its schools into trusts or academy's after these refurbs or rebuilds.