Exclusion and Drugs

Part of the series Just for Governors

  Screen capture from Exclusion and Drugs


In this programme, a panel of school governors discuss their legal responsibilities in relation to a series of events in a hypothetical school. After watching a series of reconstructions their job is to debate just where the duties of the school governors lie.

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Keeping a close eye on the discussion is governor expert, Paul McGann, who provides advice and guidance on dealing with the issues along the way.

The programme will be of value to school governors keen on understanding more about their role and how to act in the best interests of their school.

In this programme, the team debate their responsibilities after a child is caught on the school grounds in possession of cannabis and the head calls for permanent exclusion.

The debate includes:

  • A discussion of the procedures involved in such an exclusion
  • What role governors have in influencing the school's policy
  • A look into the question of whether random drugs searches can help avoid such incidents in the first place

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