Ideas from the Box: School Improvement and Well-Being

Part of the series Just for Governors

  Screen capture from Ideas from the Box: School Improvement and Well-Being


This programme follows two sets of primary governors, brought together to critically review Teachers TV programmes on health and school improvement.

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They are shown two different programmes on schooling issues, which they discuss under the guidance of Judy Burgess, headteacher of Devon LEA Governor Services.

The first programme they watch is KS1/2 PSHE/Citizenship Food and Fitness. It focuses on the central role food and fitness occupy in school life.

The second is Just for Governors: School Improvement. In this episode, governors from three schools, one secondary and two primary, talk about their involvement in agreeing and monitoring their school improvement plans.

The programmes help spark lively debate and both provide an insight into how different schools might deal with the same issues.


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    • Improvement and well being
      18 November 2006 - 20:38

      For me, the programme brought out, each School and it's Governering body are unique, but have very simarlar chalenges, I got the feeling that all the Governors were expecting more from each programs, and were a little disapointed that the content did not give them the golden key. I hope programme makers take this with good heart and learn to target the subjects to their viewers, Governors (as expresed in the programme) come from a wide range of backgrouds but are held together by wanting to encourage, be a critical friend and ensure that their school is accountable, especially when taking on the new govermental and LEA expections. Therefore we need a indepth link to the key issues (we dont need hype we need facts), such as why is coming in, how will it be measured, were will the money come from, and how will the children benifit. thanks for the honesty of the governors and the presenters. I hope there is an ongoing range of these programes.
      Yours a critical but very much a friend
      Phil Morris