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How can school governors deepen their understanding of the pupil experience of school? One local authority thinks it has the answer, offering its governors the chance to become pupils for a day.

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School governors are expected to help make crucial decisions on behalf of the pupils. Knowing exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end can be particularly helpful when endorsing or making decisions about the running of the school.

Secondary school governor Karen Patrick joins governors from Greenwich Borough, London, as they go back to school for the day to gain a deeper understanding of the pupil experience.

As chair of the curriculum and learning committee at her own school Patrick chooses her subjects for the day, and experiences not just the core subjects, but also breakfast club, school dinners and assembly.

Linda Callaghan from Greenwich Children Services, organiser of the event, hopes it will be a memorable and fun way of experiencing a day at school first hand.


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    • Pupil for a day, what a great idea
      25 April 2007 - 17:51

      Thanks for the program, very engaging.
      Liked the idea of excerts from real class subjects, with real problems to try.

      At our school we have Governor of the month, were we take turns to come into the school for a day, to see a range of activities of our choosing, some governors take the opportunity to view their link subject taught across the age ranges, others, choice a year group, or snap shot of what is happening.
      The Governors write up their reports, for use by the school, as part of the SEF, and report back to the next Fully Governor meeting.

      Coming back to the program, what a very simple but smart idea, which is suitable for rolling out to other LEA's as an addition training option.

      Very well done

      Phil Morris
      Rural Primary School