Safeguarding Children: Your Responsibilities

Part of the series Just for Governors

  Screen capture from Safeguarding Children: Your Responsibilities


At Todmorden High School, Calderdale, staff and governors work in partnership to review and improve the school's safeguarding procedures.

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Link governor for child protection, Heather Hudson works with the designated senior person for child protection, John Botterill, to complete a self-audit tool analysing the school's policies and procedures for safeguarding children.

Later, safeguarding consultant Veronica Mellor, meets with Heather and John to discuss the findings of the report.

Heather also liaises with assistant child protection officer, Sharon Pickles as part of her on going role to gain an in-depth knowledge of the key measures the school has undertaken to protect children from harm.

Finally, at a governors meeting Heather gives feedback on the results of the audit to the rest of the governing body.


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