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  Screen capture from SENCOs


At St. Joan of Arc Secondary School, Rickmansworth, the SEN link governor is proactive and works closely with the school's SENCOs to implement SEN provisions.

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Together, the SENCOs and governor have employed a range of strategies for ensuring effective SEN provision, including meetings with SEN pupils at their feeder primary schools.

Later there is an interview with the CEO of the National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN) who outlines the new DCSF proposals to boost the influence and status of SENCOs.


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An observation sheet to monitor the effectiveness of LSAs in class working alongside teachers to aid pupils with special educational needs

An observation sheet to monitor the effectiveness of teachers making their lessons accessible to pupils with special educational needs

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    • SENCO
      12 October 2010 - 12:30

      Very good programme indicating the difficulties in SEN provision. Presently able bodied people make the decisions about disabilites. Even in this sentence is an insight into the way disabilities are viewed, note able bodied, and I am deaf, yet I do not consider myself as disabled. Looking back at my education, I would have really struggled. I think it will take several generations to get SEN education correct. What would help is subtitles on the videos.

    • SENCO's and Governors
      14 February 2009 - 23:25

      I thought this program was very good, demonstrating the link between the Governing Body and teaching activities within the school.

      It was pleasing to see 'every child matters' in action.

      I agree keeping our SEN children intergreated in the schooling process is key, and feel sure that the examples shown within this video, will be more successful than ignoring each child's challenges.

      Your host highlighted a key fact that SENCO money is not ring-fenced, which could result in deliberate under investment in the children who need it most.

      We as governors have a valuable roll of ensuring all our children get appropriate education, even the ones who are unlikely to achieve major success in the examination league tables.

      So why should we invest, may I suggest two reasons 'Every Child Matters' and the opportunity to add value to our SEN children.

      It may be hard to see in the children before use reasons for hope, but we should take comfort, that it is often out of these apparent megar pickings, society makes it major leaps to the future.

      Phil Morris
      Rural Primary School