KS1/2 MFL - Training

Part of the series The Scottish Experience

  Screen capture from KS1/2 MFL  - Training


As England rolls MFL out across the primary sector, we take advantage of a decade of piloting, trialling and implementing training strategies north of the border.

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This programme eavesdrops on training sessions for teachers in both Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh; two very different local authorities.

Aberdeenshire staff have the luxury of day-release, immersion training in French with senior lecturer Alison Hurrell of Aberdeen University School of Education.

Over in Edinburgh, teachers cross town after a day's work for so-called "twilight training" in French with sympathetic, but equally demanding, tutor David McAlpine.

Aberdeenshire advisor Anne Moncur and Edinburgh development officer Bethan Owen explain these arrangements and the problems of including MFL in initial training.

Elsewhere, self-professed geek Ewan McIntosh, of Scottish CILT, demonstrates website resources for follow-up support, especially useful for rural teachers in small communities.


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