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KS1/2 RE - Big Ideas for Small People

  Screen capture from KS1/2 RE - Big Ideas for Small People


In this series of KS1 lessons, Paul Newbould from Minchinhampton School, uses techniques including "philosophy for children", to encourage deeper-thinking among Year 1 pupils, in an RE context.

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He exploits both AT1 and the often under-used potential of AT2 of the National Framework (learning from religion), by enabling and making room for children to express their own ideas and beliefs.

Through a series of discussion-based activities, including role-play, think-pair-share and thinking books: pupils are encouraged to think about the big, philosophical and theological questions of morality, concepts of "right" and "wrong" and the nature of God.

Without the barriers that writing activities present to this age group, pupils can reflect on deeper questions.

The lesson's ultimate aim is to get the pupils to reflect on what they think is the biggest question of all.


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    • Learn from the children ...
      17 May 2009 - 11:49

      I thought the best question here was from the little girl who said "where is god" made me smile ("out of the mouths of babes"). This was from the prompting of the teacher, an obvious Christian trying to lead the children into the acceptance of the idea of god and a christian god at that! No allowance or case was allowed for atheism or even agnosticism.
      This was a shame - the children were obviously largely free from the teachers own religious shackles but he kept bring them down to his level.

      Having said that - the basic idea is wonderful and to be applauded - children can and should be opened up to the big ideas - hurrah!