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KS1/2 RE - Experiential Approaches to Hinduism

  Screen capture from KS1/2 RE - Experiential Approaches to Hinduism


Inspirational AST and RE specialist Georgina Mulhall, who believes that RE is best taught by concept rather than by religion, teaches three lessons exploring devotion.

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Year 4 pupils get to role play as archaeologists speculating about Hindu artefacts, and then go into role as devotees worshipping in a Hindu temple, and finally they apply the concept of devotion to their own lives.

It's fun and inclusive, and with no right or wrong it encourages higher-order thinking. As RE is culturally sensitive and subjective, Georgina believes it's often side-lined.

She sums up the values of a creative, concept-driven approach and advises on how to use role-play with confidence.


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Extra materials (6)

Mid Term Lesson plan detailing how to include the teaching of Hinduism within the concept of devotion

Handout for pupil to fill in whilst looking at models and images of Shiva

Handout for pupils to fill in about how they think a Hindu would feel if they could not show devotion to Shiva

Handout for SEN pupils to encourage thinking about the God Shiva

A list of publications recommended by the education consultant for this programme

Teaching hand out given to pupils to encourage them to think about things they are devoted to

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    • Smilebe Smilebe


      What an experience
      1 February 2009 - 20:28

      I have shared this with my staff in a staff meeting and it really did help them to feel that it was something they could attempt. This provided a 'way in' for people, a starting point and I know my staff are going to have a go - which is what we always encourage the learners to do.

      I have also been able to sign post ITT students to this video as often they can feel nervous about the swubject bit again after watching this felt it was within their reach!

      A Great resources - well done George I am sure I will use this often!

    • experiential learning
      21 September 2008 - 21:59

      WOW indeed. Having worked with and learnt from George on many occasions (she was my NQT and kept me on my toes!)she is truely inspirational and makes it look so easy, too.

      Experiential learning means so much more to the children than chalk and talk. Many ideas and concepts can be used across all faith groups including Christianty. The children enjoy the drama and remember the whole process in more detail. Often their questioning is deeper and more thoughtful, too.

      It does mean hard work and time preparing to get it just right -the subject knowledge, too, but the video shows just how worthwhile it is. It has inspired me to do more!

      George is living proof that all faiths can access this method of learning about different faith groups. We did Sikhism through experiential learning for an OFSTED RE inspection in a Catholic school with George at the helm!

      Well done, George and Solent Junior School.