KS2 French - Voici mon école

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  Screen capture from KS2 French - Voici mon école


Follow 10-year-old Arnaud as he gives a colourful guided tour of his school in Martinique, in this short video for Key Stage 2 French learners.

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Local schoolboy Arnaud conducts a tour of his school, Ecole Plateau Didier in Fort de France, Martinique, during carnival time, when lots of the children are kitted out in fancy-dress costumes.

Arnaud's tour winds its way past the headteacher's office, the classrooms, IT room, playground, library and canteen.

Filmed in Fort de France, Martinique, this video supports curriculum unit 19 for KS2 French, Our School, offering opportunities for primary pupils to develop modern language skills and cultural understanding.


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