KS2 Literacy - Boys' Writing 2

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In this programme, experts analyse how Ardleigh Green School has managed to improve boys' literacy. The key to getting them interested in reading and writing lies in boosting their self-esteem.

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Dr Eve Bearne returns to Ardleigh Green Junior School to discuss mixed-ability teaching and the importance of speaking and listening.

One of the heads' successes is overcoming boys' negative perceptions of themselves. An emphasis on purpose, pride and collaborative peer support boosts self-esteem and achievement.

Offering students a choice in their reading materials and encouraging independent learning through group work and response partners is effective. Underlying all these approaches is good management at the whole-school and classroom level.

Key points:

  • Boys haven't changed, but literacy teaching must adapt to shifts in culture
  • Group work and response partner exercise can boost self-esteem
  • Offering a choice of learning materials encourages independent learning


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