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Jenni Stather is an ethnic minorities achievement co-ordinator at Shaftesbury Primary in Newham. Having organised a knitting workshop she soon discovered that many children with English as an additional language come from traditions in which knitting, and other handicrafts, are commonly practised. Seeing their enthusiasm for the craft, Jenni decided to try to use it as a tool to teach maths.

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Jenni is joined by maths consultant, Isaac Anoom and the pair teach pupils from Year 5 and 6.

A range of activities with a knitting theme, but some requiring no knitting skills at all, are demonstrated. These are used as the basis for:

  • Calculating measurement
  • Estimating and predicting
  • Ordering and sequencing
  • Working out area and perimeter

Next, celebrity knitting designer, Sasha Kagan, explains why maths is integral to her craft while Lynne McLure, editor of Primary Mathematics, shares her belief that some of the most inspiring teaching combines practical challenge and individual teachers' passions.


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    • Knitting & Maths
      2 September 2008 - 21:25

      So glad to see this video! It's something that I have been thinking of trying in the classroom. Has anyone got any further,more detailed tips on how to use this in the classroom.

      I'm guessing that it works best with small groups, but I'm trying to workout how I can ensure that all children in my group of 30 could be taught this. My Y4 numeracy group is composed of members of mine and another class. I teach them 2 consecutive days per week.

      Thanks, M