KS2 Numeracy - Maths Stories

  Screen capture from KS2 Numeracy - Maths Stories


This programme contains seven clips for whole-class use, preferably on an interactive white board, that will support several lessons. Teachers should view the programmes Just a Fraction and Understanding Fractions and the associated web materials before beginning.

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  • Making a start: introduces the resources and maths tables
  • Addition, subtraction and equals: the cups are used. Quarters are introduced
  • Maths story/real story: the link between the maths story - a calculation on paper - and the real story - shown by manipulating paper cups - is shown. In the second part, students should write out the maths story as they see the real story acted out
  • Multiplication: the idea of using an action to differentiate between addition and multiplication is introduced
  • More fractions: the link between the concrete representation of cups and the symbolic representation with cards is established
  • Moving multiplication on: cards are used to act a real story
  • Imagining cups: manipulating fractions in your head


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