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KS3/4 Citizenship - The Bomb Factor - Nuclear Weapons

  Screen capture from KS3/4 Citizenship - The Bomb Factor - Nuclear Weapons


Discover how one secondary school approaches the issue of nuclear disarmament and deterrence, through various activities at KS3/4.

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Hessle High School, in Hull, uses an education pack provided by the CND Peace Education Unit, to encourage debate and discussion surrounding nuclear weapons. The session culminates in a performance activity called The Bomb Factor.

The students find out what would happen if a nuclear bomb fell on the school, take part in a quiz to learn facts about nuclear weapons, and a poll is conducted to establish the students' opinions.

The Bomb Factor activity involves students taking the stance of a country or organisation which is either for or against nuclear weapons. The performances are judged and winners are announced, with a final opinion poll taking place to see whose views have changed.


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